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October 9, 2020: A Week In The Life

October 9, 2020: A Week In The Life

Hi all! I'm here to update you on what's gone on in the past week here at APB, fill you in on our upcoming plans, and talk to you about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors.

This week, the 34 college students currently living and learning at our summer camp in the Bradshaw Mountains have been branching out of camp to explore the area; taking independent hikes, making independent camping trips, and getting hype about bouldering and mountain biking. 

Here Natalie poses at the Granite Dells (#savethedells) and students watch the sunrise from Bean Peaks after waking up at 3am(!!) and hiking out from camp.

We've also begun planning some bigger-ticket camping trips: we'll be heading places like The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Joshua Tree as soon as next weekend! 

Meanwhile on campus, we've made pasta, played capture the flag, created compost and recycling systems, gotten hooked on HBO's Watchmen, gotten even MORE hooked on a game called Diplomacy, and managed to stay on top of homework above it all, even as we push into midterm season for many students.

On Sunday, some of our students (Sibeles, Sam, Jen, Ivan, and Juliette) led us through an opening community conversation on race and power and inspired us to think about how to make the outdoors a more accessible place for everyone. We’re aware that our founding cohorts this fall and spring set the foundation for the future of our program and the outdoors as a whole, and are faced with the question: how can we create a space for those who’ve historically been excluded and underrepresented in the outdoors and summer camps?

So far, we've raised $10,213 to help bring low-income students to APB on our GoFundMe. If you'd like to read more about our mission and why we think this is so important, you can check out the video and link below.

We appreciate your time, shares, or donations as we push to provide stable and safe housing for all students during the pandemic.

That's all I've got for now -- stay tuned to hear next week about our trip to Sedona, karaoke night, and our vision for the spring! 

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