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November 20, 2020: A Week In The Life

November 20, 2020: A Week In The Life

Hey! Here’s what’s up at APB.

We had our storytelling trip this weekend in Agua Fria. Though we initially forgot the sleeping bags, everything pulled together, and it made for a great story! We also went on a very early morning (4:30 am) day hike in Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon.

We’ve had two awesome new guests this week:

Laura is a PhD candidate at Harvard who has led us through some writing in nature and helped us think about protest, filmmaking, and the power of good food. Sam is studying business and sustainability at Michigan and has been a super interesting perspective to have around campus -- she'll be with us for the rest of the semester!

We’ve also done some swing dance, an open mic night, a 90s themed dance party, and whatever this is.

How’s our spring enrollment? 49 deposits have now been paid, and we’ve got many more students in the pipeline. All in all, we’ve received over 500 applications from a ton of really cool students. Next semester is looking great! 

Participants this week have launched the Peer Advocate Program, which is a by students for students resource that hopes to provide students with confidential sounding boards and peer support. They hope to strengthen the community here at APB by sharing information about resources both inside and outside APB, supportive listening, providing a safe space to discuss difficult and complex experiences (microagressions, sexual assault etc), delivering anonymous feedback to the staff, and talking through possible courses of action. Its amazing to see students stepping up within the community.

Speaking of the participants, how are they? I have asked one of them to describe their week using five emojis:

Ari said "🤩🤠🌌🌲🥰"

Do with that information what you will.

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