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March 4, 2021: A Week In The Life

March 4, 2021: A Week In The Life

Last weekend a van-full of lucky folks from our Arizona camp went on their first APB-led overnight trip to the Grand Canyon! While we heard the night in the tents was chilly, students enjoyed beautiful hiking and time to get to know one another better. Meanwhile, those who stayed at Friendly Pines didn’t miss out on exploring the outdoors last weekend: students hiked Thumb Butte, learned about the constellations while gazing at the stars, and went birding at the Willow Creek Reservoir.

This week brought an array of instructor- and student-led programming, from Ecstatic Dance and Knitting to Meditation and a screening of The Big Year. Instructors also hosted a number of affinity spaces this week: a first gen game night, an LGBTQ+ lunch hang, and an upcoming BIPOC art nature walk.

Up north, we've been getting more into climbing and camping -- despite the cold -- and rethinking the ways we meet in small groups and as a big group. Sometimes, meetings can really drag on, yanno? Some event highlights have included an 80s party, a game night, and always more spikeball. We kicked off DND (courtesy of Patrick) and held our first Gossip Night (courtesy of Abby and Mickey) of the semester.

A final exciting announcement from our Bradshaw Mountains friends: the first full week with our new co-directors Jules and Noah! Jules (or JB) spent her last four years as an Outward Bound Instructor, leading three to 20-day trips in places ranging from the Everglades to upstate New York. Jules has a continued interest in writing fiction, poetry, and comedy, as well as trying really hard to play the mandolin. Before joining APB in the fall, Noah worked as a senior strategy consultant with Dalberg Global Advisors focusing on social impact projects. He previously worked at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, Bain & Co. in Beijing, and green energy finance programs in Mongolia and Myanmar. Both Jules and Noah are excited to be our co-directors for the rest of the semester here in Arizona!

Top: Front Range and Bradshaw Students hiking, respectively. Bottom: Front Range students making bagels and Bradshaw students in the first gen affinity group making dumplings! That's right, we do both.

What a time to be alive.

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