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February 9: 2021: A Week In The Life

February 9: 2021: A Week In The Life

Hi! Welcome back to the bit where we tell you what's been going on at A Place Beyond's two campuses, everyone's favorite bit of the week! And we've had such a great week.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we found out that all of our day 10 COVID tests had come back negative -- we had made it safely through the quarantine period! We pocketed our masks, exchanged many hugs, and marveled at the bottom halves of each other’s faces. We're pretty hype for the new opportunities this brings us -- large-scale indoor events, long car rides to new places, and the opportunity to put a hand on someone's shoulder when they need it.

Week 2 at the Bradshaw Mountains campus brought much-anticipated sun, warmer temperatures, and lots of melting snow. While we have been enjoying walking around the lake and exploring the national forest neighboring our campus, we ventured a little further this past week to the Granite Dells, perhaps Prescott's most famed destination. In addition to more instructor-led workshops this past week, we also got our first student-led programming :)

The Front Range Campus saw similar vibes -- the snow has been pretty light this week even in Colorado. This week saw our first movie night, our first birthday party, and our first climbing trip. Students and mentors met for the first time and we've all begun thinking about our goals for what this upcoming semester can look like.

This weekend, both campuses came together to engage in dialogue around race and racism at APB. We are eager to continue learning together and taking ongoing action to create the community we want to be in; as a start, the week ahead will bring workshops on Mutual Aid and Intersectionality, as well as an allyship group meeting. We're looking forward to exploring these ideas together and many more throughout the semester.

And that's the scoop!

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