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February 15, 2021: A Week In The Life

February 15, 2021: A Week In The Life

Hi! Grace here, back with another A Place Beyond Update fresh for the ides of February. We're still around 100 people, and we still all are living out in the woods, hiding from COVID, taking classes, and seeing what else we can make happen. Let's go campus by campus, shall we?

At our Front Range campus, folks are really beginning to settle in. Students have begun leading some really cool workshops, which range from critical discussions about our world to stand-up comedy club to pancakes in the Interbarn. While this weekend, we had to cancel our local outdoor trips because of the cold (It dropped below 0 Farenheit on Sunday), a few students took the initiative to drive 6 hours out to Moab for the weekend -- our first independent student expedition of the season.

Things were a little rockier in Arizona this week, as we experienced a scare not new to APB, but new to this semester: the dreaded False Positive COVID Test. When a student's test came in positive, we isolated him and his roommates and reverted to masks-on, distanced measures once again until six negative tests (for him and his roommates) confirmed that everything was O.K. And when the community resumed, it did so in grand fashion -- with a party, and with the first weekend of bouldering!

What about ~Hallmark holidays~ at A Place Beyond? At the Bradshaw Mountains campus, Valentine's Day was celebrated with a discussion forum about what love means -- at Front Range, we took an angstier approach with Emo Karaoke Night.
It's all about the duality of man here at A Place Beyond.

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