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Expectations vs. Reality — A Comic

Expectations vs. Reality — A Comic

Hello from A Place Beyond! My name is Joy Reeves and I’m a junior at Duke University studying from the Bradshaw Mountains campus of APB.

My decision to enroll in APB came from my love of the outdoors, a longing for close community, an overload of pandemic anxiety, and a sudden craving for adventure that I could only describe as a “quarterlife crisis.” In one of my life’s biggest what-the-heck moments, my twin brother Gordon and I decided to roadtrip out here together from our home state of Maryland.

37 hours of driving and five campsites later, we arrived at APB and settled into a COVID-safe bubble with 45 other students from colleges across the US. We discovered that the community here would be more tight-knit, enthusiastic, and meaningful than we were expecting. I’ve found a lot of time to pursue my passion of drawing comics at APB. I created this comic as a way to chronicle the rapid, incredible changes I began seeing in my life.

Overall, I’ve learned the reward of saying “yes” to unique opportunities like APB. Even if I wind up on new, unexpected adventures, or somewhere just outside of my comfort zone, I can’t think of a better place to spend my semester.

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