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December 9, 2020: A Week In The Life

December 9, 2020: A Week In The Life

It's finals season on campus, and everything feels a little quiet as students hunker down with their work. But as some students cozy up with a 10-page essay, more every day submit their final projects for the semester. Thus is a community with students from so many different schools and so many different schedules.

Students did come out of their holes, regardless of completion status on Friday, for the A Place Beyond Prom (A Prom Beyond?). Inspired by the dreams of first-year students who missed their prom due to COVID-19, everyone dressed up including the dining hall, and lots of fun was had, even for the older students who hadn't prommed in a long time. It was perhaps the best and safest prom anyone has had since March.

From top: a decked out dining hall, a big group celebration, our two prom queens, some fantasy Photobooth pictures, dancing with friends

What else have we done this week? An acting workshop, a murder mystery, learning ASL, some climbing practice, and something called "Love In The Time of Tinder" managed to weave their way into students' busy schedules. And it's good that they could happen, as we're running out of time ... students begin leaving as soon as this upcoming weekend. It's our last week all together -- time to make it count!

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