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February 1, 2021: A Week In The Life

February 1, 2021: A Week In The Life

Hello to friends new and old! I'm Grace, and I'm here to update you on what's happening here at APB. We're back and better than ever for the first week of our second semester! Here's what's up.

We’ve welcomed 108 students from 59 schools across 2 campuses — one in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona and one in Colorado’s Front Range. Our most represented schools are UNC Chapel Hill and Pomona College. They arrived from all over the country (and even internationally!) this past Saturday, and have been settling in to the beginning of the APB semester super well — we’re so excited about all of them!

The first 10 days of the APB have to be socially distanced — some of the precautions we are taking include wearing masks in public spaces, limiting capacity indoors, and taking temperatures and blood oxygen levels each day. We had to coordinate around snow delays -- especially in Arizona -- but managed to get everyone through their first round of testing. Another round awaits us next week, and when it is safe, we can’t wait for when our bubble is formed, and we can finally see the bottom halves of our new friends’ faces.

In the Bradshaw Mountains, our sixty-three student arrivals were greeted by another arrival: two feet of unexpected snow in the desert of Arizona. Taking full advantage of the flurries, students built snow people, walked around the lake, constructed quinzhees, enjoyed bonfires in our new “sandbox of snow,” went sledding, and much more.  For a reprieve from the chilly temperatures, students also enjoyed a handful of socially distanced indoor activities. Our instructors led all kinds of workshops from “Bad Portraits and Even Worse Poetry” with Hanna to “Feel the Feelings” with Brandon  to “Fireside Poems” with Laura.

At our Front Range campus, the snow was not unexpected for our forty-five new students, but it’s made our first week as socially distanced people a challenge. Still, it hasn’t stopped us from having a bonfire every night with our friends, going night sledding, taking two hikes a day, and enjoying getting to know cabinmates. We’re antsy to unmask and spend time altogether as a group, but the beautiful mountain views of Colorado are satisfying us for now.

Our photo machines have barely gotten churning, but here's a few highlight photos!:

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