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A Day in The Life

A Day in The Life

You’ve learned about A Place Beyond, either from our write-up in the New York Times, social media, or a friend. And while you love the idea of an intentional community with amazing college students in some of the most beautiful country Arizona has to offer, you can’t help but ask yourself, “...yeah, but what would it LOOK like to be at A Place Beyond?”

The short answer is, your time here is really what you make it.

Maybe your day starts with a crisp morning hike through the trails that surround camp with your cabin-mates. You return, blood pumping, and grab some hot breakfast just in time for your first lecture.

A good chunk of your day will undoubtedly be devoted to your coursework (15 credits is no joke), but today’s question is just where you want to study. Maybe you take your laptop down by the lake for some solitude. Or maybe you head to the LCP, our open-air pavilion, where a handful of others are hard at work as well.

Breaking up your day is lunch and dinner, lovingly prepared by Friendly Pines Camp staff. Over hot and tasty food, you and your friends talk about last weekend’s adventure to Watson Lake and the Granite Dells.

You take an hour break in the afternoon for your weekly check-in with your instructor mentor Brandon. You spend an hour catching up, checking in emotionally, and going over your goals for the semester. It’s great to have someone here who cares and is dedicated to your growth.

When you’ve had your fill of studying for the day, you’ve got even more opportunity at your fingertips. If there’s enough daylight, maybe you set off for the boulder pile for some evening climbing. Maybe you check out Joan’s breadmaking workshop, or you invite a crew to a picnic table for a board game night. The day is yours!

As the sun goes down on another day at APB, you stop by the LCP to see what’s playing on the projector tonight. You decide you’re not in the mood for a movie, so you make your way down to the fire ring, where you and your friends trade stories, crack jokes, and deepen your bond under the stars.

The fire turns to embers, and guided by your headlamp, you make your way back to the cabin for a well-earned sleep, all the more excited to do it again tomorrow.

Here’s what an average week could look like for you:

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