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What address should I use?

We use the address you use in your account for the billing information on the invoice. Please use the address associated with the type of payment you select when completing your payment (debit, credit, ACH bank transfer).

I received an email from Intuit Quickbooks with an invoice. Is this right?

That's us! It should be an A Place Beyond branded email from quickbooks@notification.intuit.com. If you have any question at all, replying to the email should reply to billing@aplacebeyond.com and our wonderful billing expert, Aidan, can resolve any issues you're having with the invoice.

Are there other ways to pay?

You can go old-school and pay by check! We'd be happy to help. Please reach out to billing@aplacebeyond.com for more information.

How long do I have to confirm my spot?

After receiving your account, you have a week to confirm your spot by paying a deposit. If you're unable to commit in that timeframe, we'll have to more you to the waitlist. Email help@aplacebeyond.com with any questions!

When is the full payment due?

The full balance of your account and your forms are due Dec. 23. We are working with folks on alternative payment timelines; contact billing@aplacebeyond.com for more support.

If you're unable to pay by that date, we'll have to move you to the waitlist. To learn more about the waitlist, email help@aplacebeyond.com.

Is the $350 deposit refundable? Is my full payment refundable?

The $350 deposit is non-refundable. Your full payment is due by Dec. 1 and becomes less refundable each week until your start date. If you cancel by:

Dec. 10: 75% refund
Dec. 25: 50% refund
Jan. 5: 10% refund

After our start dates, we will work with each participant on prorating refunds if you withdraw for reasons unrelated to covid-19.

If you applied for a need-based sponsorship, your deposit is refundable. If that deposit represents a financial burden, please reach out to help@aplacebeyond.com and we'll fill you in our timeline to hold and release our sponsored spots.

We also work with folks on alternate payment timelines! Let us know if that will be helpful for you.

What if COVID-19 in the larger community or a natural disaster forces us to close down the campus?

In the event of a natural disaster or pandemic closure, we will refund you for the days you did not spend on campus.