An Average Week

How does it work?

We want to help students create a balanced and meaningful life, and we know it takes a lot of work to complete a 15 credit semester. This is an example of a schedule a student might make for herself for the first week of October.

Blue blocks are school-related, yellow blocks are scheduled personal time, and green blocks are APB facilitated. Keep reading below for more info.


Meals have set windows during the day to help our wonderful chefs stay sane. Snacks are available 24/7, and we have onsite storage for student food.


These optional workshops are always a collaboration of student interest and instructor passion. We also bring in guest facilitators who share skills or stories.
Workshops help students learn practical skills like storytelling, carpentry, personal finance, or cooking.


In the calendar above, this week's trip is called the San Jacinto to Tahquitz Navigation Challenge. Because this occurs in the San Jacinto State Wilderness, we have to limit our group size to 15 people. We'll run it again in a couple of weeks for students who couldn't attend because of schedule or demand.

Weekly Check-in

Instructors check in with each student weekly to: help her set and accomplish goals, and get/give feedback about what's working and what's not.

Weekly Cohort Check-in

These groups sessions help students create and maintain a positive group culture and have conversations about how to live and learn better.

Study Groups

Early in the semester, we help facilitate meetings for participants studying similar subjects across different schools. Students take over to create groups and schedules that fit their workflows and lives.

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